TET Lunar New Year
Year of the Pig
Feb 17 2007

Herd of pigs (Dong Ho wood prints

The picture symbolises abundance and plentifulness. The yin-yang sings on the pigs implies growth and procreation. According to the popular teaching, pig of a good breed should have " a wide mouth, a belted back, a baggy belly and four ying-yang signs". As the pig is the most popular domestic animal in the Vietnamese countryside, the picture is widely sought after.

Vietnam celebrates the year of the pig in 2007 with new stamps The 15th of December Vietnam ended the stamp year traditionally with two stamps to celebrate the lunar new year, tet.
Next year is the year of the pig. The lunar new year, that begins the 18th of February, is the biggest traditional festival of Vietnam.
Denomination: 800d and 8000d.

Things Asian: The Vietnamese Zodiac - Sequence of the Tet Celebration

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