Nyheder 2018

Thai Doky døde 15/8 2018
Far til Niels og Chris Lan Doky

Thai Doky 2003.  Foto Erik Klitgaard.

Niels Lan Doky on Facebook: Wednesday August 15th 2018 my dearly beloved father passed away peacefully at his nursing home here in Copenhagen. His life was an amazing epic journey guided by love and music. From Hanoi to Paris and finally Copenhagen, he transcended surreal obstacles along the way but always remained the kindest and most loving person you can imagine – and the best father I could ever hope for. His greatest joy was too see my brother and I succeed as professional musicians and he travelled all over the world to see our shows, often without telling us in advance. 
I love him deeply and feel his presence every day. I am blessed and proud to be his son. Tremendous gratitude to all your messages of love and support! 
Thank you. R.I.P.

Niels Lan Doky og Chris Lan Doky spiller sammen.