Meet a limbless little girl in Vietnam - Chi is a third-generation Agent Orange victim, inheriting dioxin from her paternal grandfather who fought in the American war in Vietnam.

Too many environmental problems. Vietnam suffers 50 major toxic waste scandals in 2016 - The perpetrators, 60 percent of them foregin firms, pumped untreated waste into lakes, rivers and oceans with impunity. 

Se artikler, fotoserie og hvor i Danmark man kan købe MARUE chokalade. Se begge ejerne med kakabonden fra Lam Dong provinsen Nguyen Van Doa, Samuel Maruta og Vincent Mourou.

Vo Quy, Father of Environmental Conservation in Vietnam, Dies at 87 - Dr. Quy was well known for his poinering studies om Vietnam's wildlife. The zoologist and author of "Birds of Vietnam" has a bagful of global environmental awards for his lifetime of advocacy and is considered the father of Vietnam's still small environmental movement.

Vietnam's PM signs off on more state-owned company sales. The conglomerates involved in this fresh round of sell-offs include Agribank and coal mining group Vinacomin. Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong on 2016/2017. Saigon Plans to Eliminate Poverty by 2020.

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Vietnam to hold national day of mourning 4/12 for Cuban figurehead Fidel Castro - Vietnamese Party chief Nguyen Phu Trong expressed his condolences to Cuban Ambassador to Vietnam Herminio López Díaz in Hanoi on November 28, 2016. 

Vietnam will shelve ratification of a U.S.-led Pacific trade accord due to political changes ahead in the United States, but wants to maintain good relations with Washington. Vietnam PM backs off from U.S-led TPP, emphasizes independent foreign policy.

Vietnam has pledged to expand its efforts to tackle illegal wildlife trade by strengthening law enforcement and improve cross border cooperation, amid growing concerns from international groups about the future of endangered species.

Chuck Searcy is a U.S. Army veteran living in Hanoi. Back in 1967, he worked in military intelligence as part of the 519th Battalion in Saigon. Today he’s an  advisor to Project RENEW, an organization he helped start in 2001 to work with the Vietnamese to clean up unexploded ordnance (UXO) and provide medical assistance, rehabilitation, and income generation.