Nguyen Khac Vien (1913-1997)

Dr. Nguyen Khac Vien (1913-1997) was one of the most distinguished figures in the Vietnamese revolutionary movement. He became a pediatrician after graduating from the Paris Medical University in 1941. In his time in France he studied and popularized Vietnamese culture, as well as heading up a Patriotic Overseas Vietnamese movement protesting the war led by France and the United States in Indochina.
In 1963 he was expelled from France and returned to Vietnam, where he headed the Foreign Languages Publishing House in Hanoi, which published translations of Vietnamese books, novels, a newsletter (the Vietnam Courier) and an academic journal, Vietnamese Studies. He also served as Director of the Foreign Language Publishing House (now World Publishing House).
In 1984 he founded the Children Psychology and Psychosis Research Center, NT-center. In November 1992 he held a Grand Prix de la Francophone (worth 400,000 francs), and donated most of the proceeds to the research center.




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Nguyen Khac Vien har skrevet en fremragende historiebog om sit land. Det er et studie der fortæller hvordan Vietnam er blevet dannet og beskriver de vigtigste begivenheder og de folk der skabte den vietnamesiske nation fra forhistorisk tid til 1990?erne. Vietnamese Literature
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 American Failure
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