Gadebørns rettigheder i Ho Chi Minh City 

Underprivilegerede indvandrerbørns rettigheder i Ho Chi Minh City
Underpriviliged childrens rights project - November 2015-2017

Evalueringrapport 26. Januar 2018 

Rettighedsprojektet er afsluttet med udgangen af november 2017. Tilbageværende opgaver er ekstern evaluering, der finder sted i uge 4, færdiggørelse af arbejdet, der finansieres af bevillingen til information om projektet i Danmark, udarbejdelse af slutrapport PROJECT COMPLETION REPORT (Period of November 2014 to November 2017) samt revideret afsluttende regnskab med frist 30. april 2018.
Projektgruppen har arrangeret brainstorming den 13. januar 2018,  med henblik på formulering af nyt projektforslag, ny projektgruppe etc. Ny intereserede kan henvende sig. Description of possible new project_HCWA



The project management board of HCWA working closely with the project coordination boards of 4 ditricts (7, 8, Tan Phu and Binh Chanh) and 12 wards to conduct the 3-year and annual plans of project implementation, the results are as folllows:

1. Basic education and vocational training for underprivileged children
1.1 Charity classes/alternative basic classes: the project providing support for underprivileged migrant children to continue schooling at charity classes and then go to public school, before school year the project staff of HCWA, the public child care & protection officers and local collaborators conducted the survey of and made a list of 1.262 needy children so as to provide them with school books, notebooks, school bags.

(by 311.5% of the 3-year indicators):

  • District 7: 249 children
  •  District 8: 258 children
  •  Binh Chanh district: 755 children
  •  As for Tan Phu district, the district had confirmed that it could make public aid mobilization to help local underprivileged children of charity classes.
1.2 Scholarship for poor& underprivileged children:
Before school year the project staff of HCWA, the public child care & protection officers and local collaborators conducted the survey of and made a list of 698 needy children so as to provide them with scholarship(by 311.5% (698/500 children) of the 3-year indicators). Of these 698 children, 50 children received additional scholarship from CNCF, HSBC and LLSC.
In addition, the project mobilized 05 Martin bicycles and helmets (VND 2 million equivalent in value).

1.3 Vocational training for underprivileged children: the project staff of HCWA, the public child care & protection officers and local collaborators conducted the survey of and made a list of 156 needy children so as to provide them with vocational training (by 86.67% (156/180 children) of the 3-year indicators). The children attended short-term vocational classes to help them with easy opportunities to find a job such as manicure,hair-dressing, motorbike repair, cooling electricity, cooking, etc. The project staff making a lot of efforts, the children did not have needs, confidence and motivation enough to pursuit the training.

1.4 Establishing core groups of children: The project established 10 core groups of children (by 137.5% (11/8 groups) of the 3-year indicators) consisting of 2 groups in district 7, 2 groups in district 8, 4 groups in Tan district and 3 groups in Binh Chanh district. The core groups of children received many training sessions such child sexual abuse prevention (CSAP), adolescent reproductive health (ARH) and life skills, etc.
Monthly, HCWA project staff, public child care & protection officers, Youth Union staff at the ward level organizeda total of 60 meetings where core groups of childrendiscussed different topics such as self-control skill, time management skill, communication skill, CSAP, school violence, teen and beauty make-up, environmental protection, team work skill, Vietnam Children’s Laws 2016, queuing culture, traffic culture, etc.

2. Survey on underprivileged children
2.1 Conducting the survey:
As of the approval and support of the project coordinating boards of 04 districts, the HCWA project team conducteda) the survey on the needs of 403 poor underprivileged children in the local communities consisting of 96 children in district 7, 104 children in district 8, 100 children in Tan Phu and 103 children in Binh Chanh district; b) focus group interviews (4 groups of children and 4 groups of children’s parents/relatives).

Interviewing children through questionnaires:

  • 106 children in street situation in some districts of HCMC were interviewed through questionnaires so as to learn more about why underprivileged childrenhad became street children.
  •  50 former and present child beneficiaries of Little Rose Warm Shelter (LRWS), Green Bamboo Warm Shelter (GBWS) and Social Professional Integration (SPI) project of HCWA so as to identify possibilities of professional and family integration for children after they had left the shelters/SPI project.

The survey team wrote 3 child survey reports for internal circulation and new project proposals.

2.2 Post survey support activities
Based on the survey results, the following urgent needs of children were identified and met:

  •  37 children were given 37 bicycles (cash equivalent value: VND 1,330,000/bicycle) for going to school/vocational training centers.
  •  95 children were supported with school fees (depending on each school).
  •  05 shelter children were supported with money for meal and accommodation for a period of 3 monthsafter they left GBWS and LRWS.

2.3 Conducting health survey among underprivileged children
27 of the children who had participated in the survey, answering that they had had health problemswere health checked, having some test. Children who were diagnosed of having diseases were helped with medicine or medical equipment by the project based on the doctor’s prescription.
The project cooperating with Pediatrics Hospital 1 conducted this activity in October and November, 2017.

3. Support of legal papers and health care for underprivileged children
3.1 Legal papers: Decision 07/QD-UBND dated January 30 2013 by HCMC People’s Committeeemphasizing “One-Door” administrative procedures for legal papers and health insurance, the HCWA project team cooperating with the project coordinating boards of 4 districts helped a total 127 poor & underprivileged migrantchildren (by 127% of the 3-year indicator – 127/100 children) acquire legal papers (birth certificates, ID cards).
3.2 Health insurance: the HCWA project team cooperating with the project coordinating boards of 4 districts helped a total of 1.343 poor & underprivileged migrant children (by 107.44% of the 3-year indicator – 1.343/1.250 children) acquire health &accident insurance, consisting of 1.279 children funded by DVA, 44 children funded by Johnson & Johnson and 20 children funded by HSBC.
3.3 Urgent support for HIV/AIDS affected children: the project staff of HCWA and the public child care & protection officers conducted family visits and provided supportfor 146 HIV/AIDS affected underprivileged children(by 100.69% of the 3-year indicator – 146/145 children).
3.4 Sexual & reproductive health for children having unexpected pregnancy: Until the end of the project period, this activity only achieved 46% (46/100 children) of the 3-year indicator), though DVA approved of extension of the project sites and the HCWA project team & the project coordinating boards of 4 districts tried all their efforts.

4. Child’s Rights (education, health care, HIV/AIDS prevention, etc.) advocacy for underprivileged children
4.1 Contest and Child Forum

- The Contest on Child’s Rights and Accident Prevention in Children was organized for a total of 80 underprivileged children from 16 wards of District 8 on July 18, 2016 in Tree Farm (Binh Duong province) bythe project, Bureau of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of District 8 and the Children’s House of District 8.
Contents of the contest was about child’s rights, accident prevention in children based on quiz, painting and fashion show (result: 1 first place, 1 second place, 2 stimulation places given to 4 of 16 groups of child participants). After the contest, the child participants enjoyed recreational activities/games at Tree Farm where they learnt more about farming. The aim of this activity was to give child participants opportunity to share with one another their knowledge, experience and to voice their concerns and recommendationsto be submitted to the leaders and representatives of 16 wards of District 8 at the Child Forum on Accident Prevention in Childrenwhich was organized on July 27 2016 at the Meeting Hall of District 8 People’s Committee.
- Contest on Child’s Rights and CSAP: The contest was organized at the HCMC Labor Cultural House for a total of 170 underprivileged children from District 1, District 7, District 8, Tan Phu District and Binh Chanh District and children of LRWS, GBWS and SPI project on December4 2016. The purpose of the contest was to provide child participants with child ‘s rights and CSAP. Also, through this opportunity, the children could share their knowledge and skills with their friends.
- Contest on Child’s Rights and CSAP: The contest was organized at the HCMC Labor Cultural House for a total of 170 underprivileged children from District 1, District 7, District 8, Tan Phu District and Binh Chanh District and children of LRWS, GBWS and SPI project on December4 2016. The purpose of the contest was to provide child participants with child ‘s rights and CSAP. Also, through this opportunity, the children could share their knowledge and skills with their friends.
The contest had 3 rounds: 1) "Rigning the golden bells": 20 questions about child’s rights and CSAP; 2)"Talent show" : singning, pantomime, short drama; 3) "Handling situations". Results : first place (group of children from Vinh Loc A Commune of Binh Chanh district), second place (group of children from Cau Han project), thrid place (group of children from Tan Quy Ward of District 7), stimulation prize (02 groups of children from Ward 6 of District 8 and Phu Tho Hoa Ward of Tan Phu district.
4.2 Training on Child’s Rights and CSAP for children: the project organized 73 training sessions for a total of 1.686local children and pupils (by 104.29% of the 3-year indicator – 73/70training sessions and by 120.43% of the 3-year indicator - 1.686/1.400 children).
4.3 Training on Adolescent Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS prevention: the project organized 33 training sessions for a total of 803 local children/adolescents (by 132% of the 3-year indicator – 33/25 training session and by 160.6% of the 3-year indicator - 803/500 children).
4.4 Training on life skills: The project organized 27 training sessions for a total of 574 underprivileged children (by 108% of the 3-year indicator – 27/25 training session and by 114.8% of the 3-year
indicator - 574/500 children). Topics of the training: school violence prevention skills, anger control skills, self-awareness skills, “Say-No-to-drug use” skills, etc. Each training session lasting 2 days with 2 topics.
4.5 Training on Child’s Rights and CSAP for public child care & protection officer, teachers and core collaborators: the project organized 10 training sessions for a total of 281 public child care & protection officer, teachers, Youth Union members, police and core collaborators: (by 100% of the 3-year indicator – 10/10 training sessions and by 140.5% of the 3-year indicator - 281/200 persons).
4.6 Awareness-raising/discussion sessions on CSAP for children’s parents and local poeple: the project organized 33 awareness-raising/discussion sessions for a total of 1.259 persons (by 275% of the 3-year indicator – 33/12 sessions and by 314.75% of the 3-year indicator - 1259/400 persons). The local communities expressing the big needs for more awareness-raising/discussions, the HCWA project team considered the budget plan for budget change so as to increase more discussion sessions in the project sites,especially district 8. That is why this activity achieved more indicators than planned as of the 3-year indicators.
4.7 Regular network meetings of Child’s Rights Working Group in Ho Chi Minh City (CRWG): CRWG consisting of representatives of INGOs, local NGOs, religious organizations, the media. etc. organized 9 regular quarterly meetings and 02 workshops with 358 participants (by 91.67% of the 3-year indicator – 11/12 meetings and by 149.17% of the 3-year indicator - 358/240participants).

To dobbeltsider som PDF i Vietnam Ajour 2-2017
Artikler af Lise Malling Olsen og Caspar Johansen

Generalforsamling søndag den 19. marts 2017

5. Rettighedsprojektet: (Gadebørn HCMC)

a. Jonas læste beretningen op, som vedhæftes som bilag GF7, samt tilhørende rapporter, bilag fra Casper GF7a og Jonas GF7b

Beretning 2016
”Underprivilegerede, illegale indvandrerbørns rettigheder i Ho Chi Minh City”
På basis af Jonas og Caspers besøg hos HCWA i december, besluttedespå projektgruppemødet 15.1:
1. at ansøge CISU om forlængelse af projektperioden til udgangen af november 2017 inden for eksisterende budgetramme.
2. at anmode om fortsat fundraising sparring til HCWA fra Kingston Smith i London i perioden, for midler der er afsat til den ikke besatte fundraiser stilling. HCWA har i stedet etableret en fundraising koordinations-gruppe med eksisterende personale.
3. Lise tager ved sit besøg i februar fat på oplæring i projektansøgning/planlægning med evt. nyt projekt som model med udgangspunkt i survey resultaterne.
4. Jonas’ og Caspers rapporter bliver sendt til bestyrelsen til orientering, når de er endeligt færdige.
Freddy beretter tillige: Regnskab og rapport er indsendt til danida ultimo december, og vi har ikke modtaget nogen kommentarer.
Yderligere bilag er hh rapporterne fra Casper og Jonas’ besøg i HCWA i december 2016.
Beretningen blev taget til efterretning.
b, Fremlæggelse af revideret regnskab til godkendelse Regnskabet blev gennemgået af Ole Westergaard og godkendt; vedlagt bilag GF8.
c. Fremlæggelse af planer og budget for næste års aktiviteter: Fordi vi langt fra har brugt budgettet op - bl.a. fordi projektet kom for sent i gang - sætter vi vores lid til at få en forlængelse af projektet godkendt.

Projektgruppe Gadebørn ”Underprivilegerede, illegale immigrantbørns rettigheder i Ho Chi Minh City”: Formand Freddy Karup Pedersen, kasserer Ole Westergaard og øvrige projektgruppemedlemmer: Casper Johansen, Jonas Andersen og Lise Malling Olsen.

Fyraftensmøde i København: Gadebørns Vilkår

afholdt torsdag den 22. september i København 
Mellemfolkeligt Samvirkes lokaler på Fælledvej 12, København N

Dansk Vietnamesisk Forening afholdt 22/9 fyraftensmøde fra 17.30 om livsvilkårene for Ho Chi Minh Citys udsatte børn. Vores projektpartner Ho Chi Minh Child Welfare Association har interviewet 100 gadebørn om deres hverdag og bekymringer. På fyraftensmødet fortalte projektkoordinator Freddy Karup Pedersen om undersøgelsens konklusioner og om projektet "Børns Rettigheder". Herefter fortalte Sepideh Foroosh fra vores Shelterindsamling om arbejdet med seksuelt misbrugte piger på Little Rose Warm Shelter.
Foto fra mødet: DVF formand Jonas WS Andersen byder velkommen og indtrodukserer projektleder Freddy Karup Pedersen.
Børn der venter på at blive interviewet.
Til højre DVF's formand Jonas WS Andersen og fra HCWA sekretær og tolk Nguyen Ngoc Phúc.

Lørdag den 24. april besøgte Loan Tran (formand for Shelterindsamlingen) projekt teamet for "The Rights of Underprivileged Migrant Children".
Hun skriver at de var "competent and really Awesome people!!!"

Generalforsamling søndag den 13. marts 2016
Beretning: Freddy Karup Petersen fortalte om Rettighedsprojektet at det er et tre-årigt projekt på ca. 3 mill. kr. som yder støtte til godt 4.000 børn i HCMC og arbejder med institutionsudvikling af den vietnamesiske partnerorganisation. Projektet har kørt et års tid. Projektet kører efter planen, dog er fundraising delen, fra den lokale partners side, bagud planen.

Rapport til bestyrelsesmødet 15-9-2015 Vedrørende rettighedsprojektet
Lise Malling Olsen's rapport vedrørende hendes projektbesøg i juli 2015 samt Freddy Karup Petersens efterfølgende korrespondance med HCWA.
Ole Riis har pga. arbejdspres og helbredsproblemer desværre måttet forlade projektgruppen, hvor han har gjort et stort arbejde. Der bliver derfor behov for at finde et projektgruppemedlem med kompetence vedrørende socialpædagogisk arbejde, helst så vedkommende kan starte i gruppen i november efter Freddy Karup Petersens besøg derude i oktober, når de videre arbejdsopgaver er defineret.

Letter to HCWA: "You have done a remarkable job with the surveys, and we are looking forward to see the complete survey report, when ready. Unfortunately it appears, that with our selection methodology we have not completely reached the target group we aimed at, namely street children and underprivileged children of migrant families, lacking legal papers, and accès to school and health care etc.
In any case a group size of 55 street children is quite small to yield representative information, and we suggest that you try to add more street children interviews to bring the total number up to around 100, if at all possible."
HCWA will try their best efforts to conduct interviews with additional street children to make the required total number up to 100 street children. And analyse "street children" group separately from the migrant & poor children group.

Generalforsamling søndag den 22. marts 2015
Beretning: Freddy havde fremsendt rapport som kunne udgøre en del af fremlæggelsen; vedlægges som bilag 5
Uddrag "During the monitoring trip of Ole Riis in Februar 2015 the new CISU financial guidelines has been presented to the partner HCWA. Further discussion in securing the implementation of these guidelines will take place in the first half of 2015. HCWA fund raising strategy and plans (part of the project activities) have also been discussed during the monitoring trip."
Ole Riis supplerede at vi grundlæggende har fået ca. 3½ mill. Kr. fra CISU til dette projekt, som overordnet går ud på at hjælpe migrantbørn (gadebørn) til en uddannelse i Ho Chi Minh City.
Vi kom først i gang 1/11 fordi vi manglede en PACCOM licens, som giver rettighed til at arbejde i Vietnam. Vi har modtaget godt ½ million kr. af danida i 2014.
Godkendelsen PACCOM gælder nu til februar 2018 !!!!

2014 Projekt er godkendt og bevilliget med 3,5 mill Dkr. over 3 år af CISU/Danida. Projektet startede offielt 1. april 2014 med navnet "Rights of underpriviliged migrant children in Ho Chi Minh City". Men blev forsinket af mangelende godkendelse fra Vietnams myndigheder (PACCOM). Projektet har fokus på at undersøge migrantbørns vilkår og hjælpe dem med de udfordringger de står overfor. Familier og børn der flytter indtil storbyen for at søge arbejde er i den situation at de ikke er registreret der og derfor ikke kan modtage lægehjælp og børnene kan ikke gå i skole. Ofte ender børnene derfor på gaden og er overladt til sig selv.
Powerpoint forelagt 15/6 2014 for bestyrelsen

Fra underskrivelsen af aftalen 24. april 2014 om projektet sammen Ho Chi Minh City Child Welfare Association (HCWA). Fra venstre Mr. Nguyeng Ngo Phuc fra HCWA (projektleder), Ms. Luong Thi Thuan – formand for HCWA, Freddy Karup Pedersen samt Ole Riis fra DVF,  Frederikke Lindholm (konsulent om Fundraising) samt sekretær og tolk Nguyen Ngoc Phúc fra HCWA.

Udover at lave nogle forebyggende indsatser i 4 distrikter i HCMC indholder projektet også kapacitetsopbygning af vores partner, HCMC Child Welfare Association (HCWA), som skal være en endnu stærkere fortaler for børns rettigheder på sundhedsområdet og det sociale område.

Lokal fundraising skal styrkes for at skabe den nødvendige bæredygtighed for HCWA og de indsatser de laver. Ud over det konkrete bistandsprojekt hvor vi hjælper ca. 5.000 emigrantbørn på forskellig vis, så skal de fundraisede penge også gå til de 2 børnehjem for gadebørn, som HCWA også driver. Nogle børn og familier vil få  hjælp via infomøder, andre med individuel konkret støtte, og igen andre kan børn placeres i ét af de to børnehjem, hvis det synes nødvendig. 
Projektet startede officielt 1. april og Ole Riis og Freddy Karup Pedersen var i HCMC i slutningen af april 2014, Ole Riis igen i oktober 2014 og februar 2015.
Projektgruppen består af Freddy Karup Pedersen, Lise Malling Olsen, Van-Khanh Dang, Jonas Wirke, Ole Westergaard og Ole Riis

DVF samarbejder med HCWA (Ho Chi Minh City Child Welfare Association), der har flere sheltere for gadebørn.

PS: Når du er i Ho Chi Minh City så besøg Green Bamboo Warm Shelter Restaurant
- så støtter du en god sag og maden er fantastiks god!

Husk Shelterindsamlingen!