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Vietnam Today

It’s a Living: Work and Life in Vietnam Today
– Aug 2013 - Paperback £22.50 - Used (New) £12.45
by Gerard Sasges (Editor), Chi Mai (Contributor)

Through interviews and 70 photographs, It’s a Living reveals the energy and struggle of the world of work in Vietnam today. A goldfish peddler installing aquariums, a business school graduate selling shoes on the sidewalk, a college student running an extensive multi-level sales network, and a girl doing promotions but intent on moving into management are just a few of the people profiled.

Haunting Images: A Cultural Account of Selective Reproduction in Vietnam - By Tine M. Gammelfoft. £22.18 paperback 328 pages 2014

The fear of giving birth to children with birth defects because of America's use of the herbicide Agent Orange during the Vietnam War is great. 40 years after becoming pregnant scanned repeatedly and frequently confronted with cruel moral choices, a Danish study shows. Conversations with pregnant women and their families are given in Professor of Anthropology Tine Gammeltoft's book 'Haunting Images'.
There is no compulsion, but doctors come with clear recommendations, which goes towards to terminate a pregnancy if the damage is considered severe. In many interviews, allowing women to express that it alleviates their guilt and makes it easier to make a tough decision that they can lean on the science and the experts who know better than they do.

DK 8/7 2014 Politiken: Agent Orange forgifter stadig Vietnam

Scorched Earth - By Fred Wilcox - 2011, 256 pages - £13.59
Reveal Vietnamese and Americans still suffering from Dioxin exposure. Scorched Earth is the first book to chronicle the effects of chemical warfare on the Vietnamese people and their environment, where, even today people are sick and dying from birth defects, cancer, and other illnesses that can be directly traced to Agent Orange/dioxin exposure.
Weaving first-person accounts with original research, Vietnam War scholar Fred A. Wilcox examines longterm consequences for future generations, laying bare the ongoing monumental tragedy in Vietnam and calls for the US government to admit its role in chemical warfare in Vietnam. Wilcox warns readers that unless people stop poisoning air, food and water supplies, the cancer epidemic will worsen. He urgently demands the chemical manufacturers of Agent Orange to compensate the victims of their greed and to stop using the Earth's waters as waste dumps.
“Focusing on one central element, chemical warfare, Wilcox’s harrowing study spells out the record with shattering clarity, relying on personal testimony, visual imagery, and cold fact. No decent person can fail to be appalled, or to be inspired to do we can to help the victims: the suffering people and the ravaged land.” Noam Chomsky in foreword


Vietnam: Rising Dragon

Bill Hayton 272 pages, Yale University Press Feb 2010, PAPERBACK sept 2011 £12.99
"Baseret på levende øjenvidneberetninger beskriver Hayton en bred vifte af emner i dagens Vietnam, herunder vigtige ændringer i internationale forbindelser, væksten i civilsamfundet, den økonomiske udvikling og nationens begyndende demokratiske bevægelse såvel som dens berygtede indre sikkerhed. Hans analyse af Vietnams "politistat", og dens systematiske mekanismer til social kontrol, tvang og overvågning, er interessante, når de ses sammen med hans portrætter af by- og gadeliv, kulturarv, religion, medier og kunst." 
DK Review in Danish by Wilfred Gluud in VietNam Ajour 3-2010

Wall Street Journal: Book Review  - Introduction: Another Vietnam -
The Diplomat - review and Interview  -  The Asian Review of Books
New York Review of Books: Vietnam Now by Jonathan Mirsky 

Not Yet a Workers’ Paradise
- Vietnam’s Suppression of the Independent Workers’ Movement
Human Rights Watch, May 4, 2009 - more information and download

This 32-page report documents the Vietnamese governments crackdown on independent trade unions and profiles labor rights activists who have been detained, placed under house arrest, or imprisoned by the Vietnamese government in violation of international law. The report calls on donor governments and foreign firms investing in Vietnam to press the government to treat workers properly.

Reconfiguring Families in Contemporary Vietnam

Chronicles and analyzes the most significant change for families in Vietnams recent past - the transition to a market economy, referred to as Doi Moi in Vietnamese ("renovation"). Now two decades have passed, and has reconfigured the ways families produce and reproduce. The downsizing of the socialist welfare system and the return of the household as the unit of production and consumption redefined the boundaries between the public and private. This volume offer a multidisciplinary perspective that sets its gaze exclusively on processes at work in the everyday lives of families, and on the implications for gender and intergenerational relations. By focusing on families, this book shifts the spotlight from macro transformations of the renovation era, orchestrated by those in power, to micro-level transformations, experienced daily in households between husbands and wives, parents and children, grandparents and other family members.
Editied by Magali Barbieri and Daniele Belanger
£25.60 Stanford University Press (15 April 2009), 464 pages
Anmeldt i VietNam Ajour 3-2009 af Tine Gammeltoft

Vietnam: A Natural History  Eleanor Jane Sterling
A country uncommonly rich in plants, animals, and natural habitats, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam shelters a significant portion of the worlds biological diversity, including rare and unique organisms and an unusual mixture of tropical and temperate species. This book is the first comprehensive account of Vietnams natural history in English. Illustrated with maps, photographs, and thirty-five original watercolour illustrations, the book offers a complete tour of the countrys plants and animals along with a full discussion of the factors shaping their evolution and distribution. Separate chapters focus on northern, central, and southern Vietnam, regions that encompass tropics, subtropics, mountains, lowlands, wetland and river regions, delta and coastal areas, and offshore islands. The authors provide detailed descriptions of key natural areas to visit, where a traveller might explore limestone caves or glimpse some of the countrys twenty-seven monkeys and ape species and more than 850 bird species. The book also explores the long history of humans in the country, including the impact of the Vietnam-American War on plants and animals, and describes current efforts to conserve Vietnams complex, fragile, and widely threatened biodiversity.
£23.75 - Hardcover, 448 pages (June 2005)
Agent Orange: "Collateral Damage" in Vietnam  Philip Jones Griffiths
In "Agent Orange" Philip Jones Griffiths has photographed the children and grandchildren of the farmers whose faces were lifted to the gentle rain of the contaminated herbicide during the Vietnam War. The USA government refuses to contribute any meaningful economic assistance. Griffiths photographs and words shows the cold truth of twisted limbs, hare lips, and hydrocehpalic fetuses preserved in formaldehyde.
£24.95 - Hardcover 160 pages (November 2003) - more information
Vietnam, Now: A Reporter Returns  David Lamb
Lamb is a journalist who covered the Vietnam War and returned 30 years later to cover the peace. For four years (Los Angeles Times), he explored the "new" Vietnam. He encountered many of the personalities from Americas distant, dark days: the legendary general, Vo Nguyen Giap; Hanoi Hannah, once the propaganda voice of North Vietnam. But, more importantly, he describes the lives of uncelebrated Vietnamese - students, former soldiers, shopkeepers, Communist Party members and unabashed capitalists - who share their memories of the wartime past and their hopes for the peacetime future.
£11.99 - 288 pages, May 2002.

Vietnam: Spirits of The Earth Text by Frances FitzGerald and photos by Mary Cross 
Both noted author Frances Fitzgerald and photojournalist Mary Cross. Both have traveled repeatedly to Vietnam and revisited the country together in 1999. From their extensive experience they have created a vivid look of life in contemporary Vietnam, divided into three parts to reflect the countrys three regions - North, Central and South. Among the areas covered are rice culture, Confucianism vs. local tradition, the cult of ancestors, the role of Buddhism, ethnic minorities, handicrafts, the impact and the legacy of French colonialism and the American presence and war, and the tensions within Vietnam society today.
£27.20 - Hardcover - 208 pages - January 2002

When You Were Born in Vietnam: A Memory book for Children Adopted from Vietnam 
Therese Bartlett, William Bartlett (Photographer)  -  This book offers a straightforward and lively explanation of how children in Vietnam are placed for adoption. Brings to life through superb, emotion-filled color photography the story of an adoption from an orphanage in Vietnam. A must for school-aged children who are becoming aware of their own, unique adoption stories as well as for the adults who love them.  -  £11.22 - Hardcover 44 pages - November 2001  - 
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Catfish & Mandala  Andrew Pham (2000)
America is full of young old Vietnamese, uncentred, uncertain of their identity. The old generation calls them mat goch, lost roots. One day Andrew Pham - unable to hold down the engineering career his father encouraged - left California on bicycle to search for his roots. He returns to Saigon, not as a success showering money and gifts onto his family, but as an emotional shipwreck, desperate to find out who he really is. This is both an autobiography and travel book, jumping back and forth between Phams adult cycle adventure through his lost homeland and his childhood memories. He feels American, yet to Americans he is an Asian but in Vietnam he is an outsider too, a privileged "Viet-kieu", foreign Vietnamese. - £9.34 - Paperback - 336 pages 
Derailed in Uncle Hos Victory Garden  Tim Page (1995)
Follows Tim Pages odyssey - 20 years after the liberation of Vietnam - through the land that dominated his life as a war photographer. His job used to be to record the horror, now he can tell of the countrys supreme beauty, and mourn the agony of the killing fields.
£6.39 - Paperback - 251 pages (Reissue 1999)
Vietnam: Anatomy of a Peace  Gabriel Kolko (1997)
Kolko argues that victory in 1975 caught the Communists unprepared to cope with the reconstruction of the war-torn nation. Looks at the economic program the Communist Party has embarked upon since 1986 and describes the decline of its socialist ideology and transition to nascent capitalism. Based on research and first-hand experience, the text offers a portrait of the profound dilemmas the nation confronts today. Market reforms are producing serious social and economic difficulties in Vietnam; inequality is creating a class society and industrial workers are amongst the most exploited in the world. Outlines how Communists are failing to cope with the contradictions between daily realities and their original idealistic aims.
£15.99 - Paperback - 190 pages
Culture Shock! Vietnam  Claire Ellis (1995)
Reviewed in Vietnam Ajour nr. 3/1996, by Rolf Hernø:"The books target group is primarily independent businessmen or employees in private, foreign firms and their wives, and can do much for seeing the positive sides in their first frustrating experiences in Vietnam.". A look at the customs, etiquette, culture and traditions of Vietnam for those visiting the country, to live or on Business. 
£9.95 - Paperback - 263 pages
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Womens Bodies, Womens Worries: Health and Family Planning in a Vietnamese Rural Commune by Tine Gammeltoft

Health and Family Planning in a Vietnamese Rural Community. The first fully-fledged ethnography on health-related issues to come out of contemporary Vietnam, this study of womens lives in a rural commune in Vietnams Red River delta. examines the impact of Vietnams ambitious family planning policy on the health and lives of rural women.
£70. Hardcover, Illustrated - 278 pages - Curzon Press, London 1999
Read the book online at Google Books


Popular Religion and the Sacred Life of Material Goods in Contemporary Vietnam

Asian Ethnology 2008, 67–2, Guest editor: Laurel Kendall, pages 177-363, all articles are online
The eight articles testify to the vitality of popular religion in Vietnam in the Renovation Era (post-1986). Six articles on sacred objects wed material culture studies to the anthropology of religion and magic and to the practical work of museums that house sacred objects in their collections. Underscoring the importance of material goods in popular religious practice, our work appears at the intersection of three trends: a revival of interest in and rethinking of the broad concept of “magic,” material culture studies’ new emphasis on commodities and market relations that sometimes finds “magic” at work in these transactions, and the insistence by aboriginal communities that museums treat some material artifacts as sacred objects.


Pagodas, Gods and Spirits of Vietnam: Popular Religion, Sacred Buildings and Religious Art in Vietnam  Ann Helen Unger
Reveals in text and illustrations the varied and prolific religions of Vietnam. Despite government discouragement of religions, the deeply anchored faiths of the Vietnamese people have continued to flourish and to increase their hold on the believers. Everywhere the offerings are heaped up on altars, hundreds of thousands of the faithful stream again on pilgrimages, and there is a regular increase in the thanksgiving rites in the chuas, dinhs and dens, the pagodas, the village ceremony halls and hero temples all over the land. Vietnam is generally described as a Buddhist country, but in contrast to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia, the Vietnamese follow a Buddhism which is far from pure. The faith and its teachings were adopted from India about 1000 years ago, but it was mingled with more ancient indigenous ancestor cults and spirit beliefs which were suitable to local customs and needs. This pantheon has produced sacred sites, architecture and religious practices of great interest. The book  also shows how the great number of religious buildings throughout the country. 
Used (see price) Hardcover, 1997, 198 pages 
Religion in Vietnam at Wikipedea

  Se also Shawow and Wind - above

NIAS Press

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Cham Muslims of the Mekong Delta: Place and Mobility in the Cosmopolitan Periphery    
by Philip Taylor - Biography Philip Taylor
This intriguing account of the vigorous survival of an Islamic community in the strife-torn borderlands of the lower Mekong delta, and of its creative accommodation to the modernising reforms of the Vietnamese government, shows how Islam provides a unifying focus for the Cham people in their diversely-constituted rural settlements. Although officially regarded as one of Vietnams nationial minority groups, the multilingual Cham are part of a cosmopolitan, transnational community, and as traders, pilgrims and labour migrants are found throughout mainland Southeast Asia and beyond it.
£14.99 Published May 2007 - NIAS Press, 248 pages - UNIREPS (for outside Europa)
Article: Economy in Motion: Cham Muslim Traders in the Mekong Delta, The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology, December 2006, Pages 237-250. Link to article
Beyond Hanoi: Local Government in Vietnam Edited by Benedict J. Tria Kerkvliet and David Marr
First book in English to examine local government and authority in Vietnam since the countrys reunification in 1975.
Includes daring criticism of Party rule at the local level. This volume addresses four questions: what local institutions and offices have authority to govern; who are the local officials and how do they get their positions; what do local governments do and whose interests do they serve; and what do residents say about local officials and governing institutions? Based on in-depth research, six chapters emphasize particular villages and districts in different parts of the country, one examines a ward in Hanoi, another focuses on Ho Chi Minh City, and one compares leaders in several provinces. To contextualize conditions today, two chapters analyze local government in Vietnams long history. The opening chapter synthesizes the findings in this book with those in other studies by researchers inside and outside Vietnam.
Price: £18.99 - Published by NIAS Press, 2004, 288 pages
Gender Practices in Contemporary Vietnam Edited by Lisa Drummond and Helle Rydstrom
The topic is important because our knowledge of contemporary Vietnamese society is still limited, and studies of gender-related topics are few and far between. Because it breaks so much new ground on Vietnamese society, the book will be of interest to Vietnam specialists working on non-gender topics, as well as non-specialists. Confucianism, colonialism and socialism have all contributed significantly to gender relations in Vietnam. More recently, political and social change associated with modernization and globalization have also had an impact. How do the Vietnamese display their social positions and their identities as male or female? This volume examines negotiations, and transgressions, of gender within Vietnamese society, looking at gender family, social and work relations, bodily displays, body language and occupation of space. Of special interest is a discussion of sexual harassment in schools and the workplace, and the strategies women adopt to deal with it, the first discussion of this issue by a Vietnamese scholar. "Gender-related studies on contemporary Vietnam are few in number, and most writing concentrates on socio-economic topics. This books focus on the fundamental issues of gender roles is a significant contribution." (Bruce M. Lockhart, National University of Singapore)
Price: £18.99 - Published by NIAS Press, 2004, 286 pages, Illustrations
Reaching for the Dream: Challenges of Sustainable Development in Vietnam Edited by Melanie Beresford and Angie Ngoc Tran - Transition economies allow the study of fundamental questions about the nature of markets. How do they arise and do they necessarily follow the same modus operandi as markets in other countries? How does the state influence the development of markets? How does the opening of the economy to global market influences affect the process of institutional change? How do people respond to both internal and external influences? And how in the context of an underdeveloped transitional economy like Vietnam, do such influences affect the prospects for sustainable and equitable development? This book focuses on the differentiated ways in which the double transition in Vietnam, from central planning and from under-development, affects various sectors of the population.
Offers a unique and comprehensive analysis of the double transition in Vietnam, from central planning and from under-development.
Written from both macro and micro perspectives using concrete case studies.
Price: £16.99 - Published by NIAS Press, 2004, 288 pages, Illustrated


Link: Kogebøger om vietnamesisk mad på dansk

Lemongrass, Ginger and Mint Vietnamese Cookbook: Classic Vietnamese Street Food Made at Home
Linh Nguyen - Paperback – May 9, 2017 - £11.64
Authentic and delicious, the recipes in Lemongrass, Ginger and Mint Vietnamese Cookbook bring Vietnam Street Food favorites to your family’s dining table.
From phở and spring rolls to bánh mì and rice porridge, authentic Vietnamese food is as rich as the culture from which it comes―and replicating these dishes at home is easier than you might think! With the clear-cut guidance in this Vietnamese cookbook, you’ll enjoy cooking Vietnamese food just as much as you enjoy eating it.
Author Linh Nguyen has been cooking Vietnamese food since she can remember. Her culinary style draws upon inspiration she’s found everywhere―from the recipes of her childhood in the countryside to the local street food vendors in Hanoi and the culinary diversity of New York City.
From her current home in Hội An, Linh has created Lemongrass, Ginger and Mint Vietnamese Cookbook―a collection of easy-to-follow recipes that hold true to the roots of Vietnamese cooking. In this Vietnamese cookbook, you’ll enjoy the straightforward simplicity that comes from years of homegrown expertise.
With Lemongrass, Ginger and Mint Vietnamese Cookbook you’ll find:
  • 8 chapters featuring popular Vietnamese favorites including Phở (Noodle Soup), Bánh Mì (Sandwiches), Cháo (Porridge), Cuốn (Rolls), Bún (Rice Vermicelli), and Gỏi/Nộm (Salad)
  • 75 authentic Vietnamese recipes specifically designed to make cooking easy and fun
  • An overview of techniques and ingredients with photos, tips for keeping herbs fresh, and shopping recommendations
Pho Cookbook: Easy to Adventurous Recipes for Vietnam's Favorite Soup and Noodles - by Andrea Nguyen - £14.99 (feb 2017)
With this comprehensive cookbook, Vietnam's most beloved, aromatic comfort food--the broth and noodle soup known as pho--is now within your reach.
Author Andrea Nguyen first tasted pho in Vietnam as a child, sitting at a Saigon street stall with her parents. That experience sparked a lifelong love of the iconic noodle soup, long before it became a cult food item in the United States.
Here Andrea dives deep into pho's lively past, visiting its birthplace and then teaching you how to successfully make it at home. Options range from quick weeknight cheats to impressive weekend feasts with broth and condiments from scratch, as well as other pho rice noodle favorites. Over fifty versatile recipes, including snacks, salads, companion dishes, and vegetarian and gluten-free options, welcome everyone to the pho table.
With a thoughtful guide on ingredients and techniques, plus evocative location photography and deep historical knowledge, The Pho Cookbook enables you to make this comforting classic your own.
The Banh Mi Handbook: Recipes for Crazy-Delicious Vietnamese Sandwiches - by Andrea Nguyen - £12.78 (jun 2014)
A cookbook devoted to the beloved Vietnamese sandwich, with 50 recipes ranging from classic fillings to innovative modern combinations.
The Banh Mi Handbook opens a new realm of flavor for cooks who are tired of the same old sandwiches. Who can resist the addictive combination of crisp baguette, succulent fillings (such as grilled pork, roast chicken, or "the special," which is loaded with garlicky pork liver pâté and thin slices of Vietnamese cold-cuts) and toppings (like tangy daikon and carrot pickles, thin chile slices, refreshing cucumber strips, and pungent cilantro sprigs)? Banh mi are the epitome of delicious street food, and their popularity has skyrocketed in the US in recent years. Respected food writer Andrea Nguyen's simple recipes for proteins, condiments, pickles, and more are a great introduction for those looking to venture into Vietnamese cuisine but who are intimidated by complicated recipes.

Easy Vietnamese-style Cookery  
The Australian Womens Weekly Home Library (1995). 
Come on a journey to discover the delights of Vietnamese cuisine, with its use of fresh, healthy ingredients and delicate tastes and textures. 
A4-format with many photos, great value from the money - highley recommended
Paperback - 128 pages - Used from £0.01

Vietnamese Food by Bobby Chinn  £9.72 224 pages (June 2010)
An authentic guide to Vietnamese food as it is eaten today, from snacks and street foods such as rice noodle wraps, imperial spring rolls and grilled chicken wings to his own fusion-style restaurant dishes such as tamarind gazed crab cakes with chive flowers, and green tea smoked duck breasts with sticky rice parcels and baby bok choi. As well as a comprehensive section on Vietnamese ingredients and what Bobby calls the building blocks of his recipes - such as sauces and stocks - the book contains more than 100 recipes and is interspersed with Bobbys foodie stories and kitchen tales such as his first experiences of running a kitchen, how he found out the recipe for the secret sauce on his grilled chicken and his off the wall tales of the more unusual food and ingredients. Bobby Chinn now owns his own restaurant in Hanoi

The Songs of Sapa : Stories and Recipes from Vietnam

Luke Nguyen, 344 pages Oct 2009 £14.25. Travelling on a personal and culinary tour through Vietnam, Luke Nguyen (proprietor of the acclaimed Sydney restaurant, Red Lantern) visits his family and friends, and is invited into the homes of local Vietnamese food experts and cooks, to learn more about one of the richest, most diverse cuisines in the world. Be tempted by more than 100 regional and family recipes and vibrant, stunning photographs bursting with colour and texture, capturing the beauty of Vietnam, her people and their deep connection to food. Key points: from the co-author of best-selling cookbook Secrets of the Red Lantern; vibrant photography and shot entirely in Vietnam; more than 80 regional Vietnamese recipes.  Review Cityguide - gourmet traveller

Secrets of the Red Lantern: Stories and Vietnamese Recipes from the Heart  Pauline Nguyen The best Asian cookbook for 2008 was overseas Vietnamese Pauline Nguyen’s Secrets of the Red Lanterns: Stories and Vietnamese Recipes from the Heart. The authors’ life story is also creatively weaved around succulent recipes, telling the storing of a Vietnamese family running a successful restaurant in Sydney - the Red Lantern. The book introduces 275 Vietnamese dishes such as fried meat rolls and braised fish. Through special, simple and familiar Vietnamese recipes, the author reveals her family’s cooking secrets. The traditional recipes in the book express the nostalgia of the Vietnamese diaspora.
344 pages £15.49

Vietnamese Cooking  Paulette Do Van
An very good and cheap introduction to the cuisine of Vietnam.
£3.99 - Paperback - 128 pages (2000)

Lonely Planet: World Food: Vietnam  Lonely Planet 
For people who live to eat, drink & travel. Offers cuisine highlights maps, and regional and city maps, and a few recipes. As well as containing explorations of regional influences and traditional cooking, provides guides to markets, dining out and celebrating plus a cuisine dictionary.
£5.59 - Paperback - 254 pages (2000).
  Step - by - Step Cooking Vietnamese: Delightful ideas for everyday meals
Nguyen Thanh Diep, £11.69, 120 pages, New edition Aug 2010
Collection of authentic recipes from Vietnam the land of fresh herbs and dipping sauces. From flavourful dishes such as Beef Noodles, Duck Cooked in Fermented Bean Curd and Fried Crab in Tamarind Sauce, to refreshing salads such as Green Mango Salad and Chicken Salad with Polygonum Leaves, and hearty stews such as Fish and Pineapple Stew and Pork Stewed in Coconut Juice, this book reveals the nuances that define Vietnamese cooking and provides a comprehensive introduction to the food of Vietnam.
Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table Mai Pham
From Vietnamese markets, noodle shops and home kitchens, chef and restaurateur Mai Pham assembles delicious recipes, all capturing the fresh, exotic flavours of this vibrant land. Centring on the beloved national dish of pho, a richly layered broth of beef and rice noodle soup, this book also features such Vietnamese classics as Hue Chicken Salad, Sizzling Saigon Crepes and Seafood Stew with Lemongrass and Dill. All are authentic, accessible and easy to create. Filled with enchanting stories and photographs as well as an ingredient glossary and source guide, Pleasures of the Vietnamese Table is a delightful introduction to a distinctive cuisine.
£13.47 - Hardcover 253 pages (August 2001)
The Foods of Vietnam  Nicole Routhier and Martin Jacobs (Photographer)
Discuss the development of Vietnamese cuisine from a variety of foreign influences, and presents more than 150 traditional easy-to-follow recipes, a glossary of ingredients, menu ideas, and more. This book has beautiful photographs and the instructions are well written enough so that both the novice and the expert will appreciate it.
£14.67 - Paperback - 256 pages (August 1999)  - Availability: within 1-2 weeks
Authentic Vietnamese Cooking Corinne Trang (2000)  -  Lists 100 family favorite recipes. Step-by-step, easy-to-understand instructions. Regional foods of Vietnam.  Classics such as cha gio (spring rolls), pho (Hanois famous rice noodle soup), cari rau cai (vegetable curry), tom nuong xa (grilled lemongrass prawns), ga kho gung (braised chicken with ginger), and banh gan (coconut creme caramel). Perhaps the healthiest of all Asian cuisines, Vietnamese cooking offers steamed, stir-fried, and braised dishes complimented with medleys of copious fresh herbs. Also historical, cultural, and personal anecdotes, a shopping guide, including beautiful photographs and thorough descriptions of ingredients. £10.49 - Hardcover
Lemongrass & Lime new Vietnamese cooking from Bam-Bou. Preface Mogens Tholstrup, Recipes Mark Reda, photos Jean Cazals  -  Lemongrass & Lime introduces modern Vietnamese cooking, as pioneered by chef Mark Reid at restaurant Bam-Bou in London. Recipes range from the traditional - such as Sour Green Mango Salad, Baked Fillet of Lemon Sole in Banana Leaf or Pho-Bo Noodle Soup - to the decadent: Crispy Quail with Watercress and Tamarind or Chocolate and Lemongrass Mousse. All taste refreshing and full of flavour, perhaps because this brand of cooking is low in fat and high in fresh herbs and spices. Web-site  -  £20.00 - Hardcover 2000 - 192 pages

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