Danish Vietnamese Association

Friendship, Culture and Development

7 Laerdalsgade, 2300 Copenhagen S - Denmark
Phone (+45) 38 86 07 01
Office hours Thursday 4-6 p.m., voice response 9 am. to 7 pm.
Website: www.davifo.dk- Mail: info@davifo.dk 

Information about Danish Vietnamese Association (DVA) - print-version PDF 1 page

Danish Vietnamese Association (DVA) promotes friendship and arranges cross cultural activities for Vietnamese and Danes. DVA was established in 1976 and has around 400 members.
All the DVA work in Denmark is unpaid volunteer work. There is no resident representative in Vietnam, but volunteers working on projects in Vietnam are reimbursed. 
Vietnam Ajour is DVA’s quarterly magazine and is published in Danish. The magazine brings news and articles about development, economy, human rights, culture and travels in Vietnam, and news about our charities and developing projects. Link Vietnam Ajour    
The website www.davifo.dk has news and information in Danish about our work and Vietnam. There is also a section in English with news about Vietnam and Agent Orange.
DVA organizes and arranges public meetings about Vietnamese issues. Each year DVA arranges a Vietnamese Cultural Day with lectures, workshops and exhibitions. In 2013 the arrangement was very successful and the number of visitors was 200. Link Culture Day 2014 og 2013
A documentary film named Children and health in Vietnam (25 min.) was made in 2006 about our health projects, and was shown on both Danish and Vietnamese television. Versions in English and Vietnamese.
DVA arranged a concert in 2006 with Thanh Lam, Nguyen Quoc Trong, Tong Doing and Niels Lan Doky in Copenhagen, travel expenses sponsored by the Danish Embassy in Hanoi.DVA has also arranged exhibitions for the Vietnamese painters Ta Thi Than Tam and Le Thi Thu in 2004, supported by the Danish Centre for Culture and Development.

Charity “Hospital Equipment for Vietnam” supporting the province hospital in Bao Loc
We have supported the poor but well functioning provincial “Bao Loc General Hospital” in Lam Dong province (South of Da Lat), with new equipment since 2009. We collect yearly around 150,000 DKK (26,000 US$). In 1978 DVA started the charity to collect money for hospital equipment, and from 1980-2008 we sent new equipment to Paediatric Hospital No.1 in Ho Chi Minh City. The total donated amount from 1978 until 2013 is 5,1 million DKK (910,000 US$). Link Hospitalsindsamling
Charity “Shelter Collection” for girls sexually abused 
Little Rose Warm Shelter in Ho Chi Minh City is a privately run home for girls from 8-18, who have been sexually abused and left home. They live in the shelter, are rehabilitated and go to school. DVA launched this charity in 2007 to help running Little Rose Warm Shelter.Link
Project "Rights of underprivileged migrant children in Ho Chi Minh City" 2014-17
Started in April 2014 with a grant of 3,5 million DKK (623,000 US$) over 3 years from CISU/Danida. The project focuses on examining migrant children’s conditions and helps them with the challenges they face. Children moving up to HCMC are in the situation that they are not registered there and therefore can not receive medical care and can’t go to school, and they end up on the street and are left to themselves.
Health projects in Southern Vietnam in 1991-2012 financed by DANIDA
In 1989 a group of Danish paediatricians in DVA started formulating projects, and applied for money from Danida (Danish Government Aid Organization), to carry out a health project in South Vietnam. In 1991 DVA was the first Danish NGO to start development work in Vietnam in cooperation with Paediatric Hospital No.1 in Ho Chi Minh City and 4 provinces in South Vietnam. The first project was fighting Acute Respiratory Infection in Children up to 5 years. Paediatric Hospital No.1 in Ho Chi Minh City has a catchment area covering for paediatrics and Child Health in all of Southern Vietnam. In the period 1991-2012 DVA has organized 6 health projects for children up to 5 years for 35,5 million DKK (6 million US$), donated by Danida.
Supporting “Little Rose Warm Shelter” in Ho Chi Minh City 2005-2013
DVA started a project in 2005 supporting the girl shelter “Little Rose Warm Shelter” under the administration of the private NGO “Ho Chi Minh Child Welfare Foundation”. Danida granted totally 5 million DKK (866,000 US$) in two phases ending 2013. The second phase focused on rehabilitation, and building in the fields of prevention, advocacy and fundraising, Shelter project  - English Resume PDF 80 kb

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Film at YouTube - Trailer 1:09 for documentary film "Vietnam: Children and Health" (English version 2007 27 min)

Visit our Link-page (partly in English) * Agent Orange page (English)Books in English * Meeting in London 2001

Membership (including the journal) costs 215 DKr. yearly, reduced to 140 DKr. for young people in the process of training/education, pensioners and people of limited means. A further member of the same household costs 55 DKr. 
Firms and organizations can be collective members at a subscription rate of 600 Dkr. Contributions are received with thanks.

Quarterly magazine 

The journal Vietnam Ajour appears 4 times a year in Danish, each issue containing 24 pages in colour. The journal brings news and articles on Vietnam. We write about development, economy, aid projects, human rights, culture and traveling.

International meeting i Brussels 17-18. October 2013

Düsseldorff April 2008 Internationalt meeting 8 pictures

Meeting in Düsseldorf 5-6.th. April 2008, host Freundschaftsgesellschaft Vietnam. Behind from right Jørgen Prag and Wilfred Gluud in the middle chairman Gûnther Giesefeld. No. 2 from right Marie Hélène Lavallard from France. In the middel 2 vietnamese from Vietnam-German Frindship in Hanoi.

 Meeting in London in 2001

Sunday the 22nd April 2001 the Danish Vietnamese Association met with representatives of the Vietnam movement in Great Britain, for an informal talk on friendship and solidarity work.

Front row from left: Margarat Methley and Madeleine Sharp from Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia Medical & Scientific Aid and Len Aldis from Britain-Vietnam Friendship Society.
Behind is Wilfred Gluud and Morten Rasmussen from Danish Vietnamese Association.
The photograph were taken outside the Cam Phat restaurant in Macclesfield Street (between Shaftsbury avenue and the Chinatown gate) where the lunch-meeting took place.