Len Aldis, Agent Orange campaigner,
passes away at 85

For over 40 years Len aldis has been supporting the Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange. Made first visit to Vietnam March 1989 and have returned each year since.

Memorial to Len Aldis, 1930 - 2015

Britain - Vietnam Friendship Society: It is with the deepest regret that we have to announce that the Secretary of the British - Vietnam Friendship Society Len Aldis passed away on the 27th November 2015. He will be sadly missed by his family and friends.
Funeral Monday January 4th 2016

30/11 Thanh Nien: Len Aldis, activist who fought for Vietnamese Agent Orange victims, dies at 85

28/11 2015 East London News: Len Aldis, peace campaigner, passes away at home
29/11 Zing.vn: Len Aldis, người bạn lớn của các nạn nhân Da cam, qua đời -  Cảnh sát London, Anh, xác định Len Aldis qua đời tại nhà riêng hôm cuối tuần khi tới kiểm tra căn hộ của ông

Stefan Kühner, Freundschaftsgesellschaft Vietnam: A great freind of Vietnam and the victims og Agent Orange has passed. I am sad.

Anjuska Weil, Vereinigung Schweiz-Vietnam: All of us who had known him are under the impression of the sad information that Len Aldis, the great campaigner for peace and for justice for the victims of Agent Orange passed away. The children of Vietnam have lost a real friend and we, we always will remember his strong commitment.
Greetings from Chuck Palazzo in Da Nang: You will be missed for many reasons Len. But our friendship brought on a passion for Agent Orange victims in Viet Nam that will never end. Rest peacefully my friend and mentor.
Marie Helene Lavallard: Association D'amite France: Dear friends, I am very sorry to let you know that Len Aldis, General Secretary of the Britain-Vietnam friendship association, passed away. His nephew, David Lenson, wrote that Len  was found dead at his apartment. Sad regards.
Al Burke, Stockholm: Len was one of the most loyal friends the Vietnamese ever had, and I presume they will be honouring him in some way. I will always remember him with great fondness.

Len Aldis is the founder of the Britain-Vietnam Friendship Society which since its foundation in 1992 has, and will continue with its work and projects in raising awareness and funds for the Vietnamese people, especially those suffering from the effects of Agent Orange. BVFS campaigns seeking justice for the victims of Agent Orange has led to Len Aldis being invited to speak at a number of universities in Britain and in Vietnam. He has also spoken on the issue at public meetings in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France and Vietnam.
He were the author of a website petition, which is designed to collect signatures of those who want to support Vietnamese Agent Orange victims. The Petion were signed by over 700,000 people around the world, much more than expected. This shows that his patience has helped many people to gain an understanding of Agent Orange and its serious consequences.

2013 Worldwide protest against Monsanto 25/5: Monsanto: home of GMOs & Agent Orange - 8/6  2013Thanh Nien: Vietnam's food safety and sovereignty in jeopardy. Article by Chuck Palazzo (ex-US soldier who lives in Da Nang) and comment "Enough is Enough" by Len Aldis, London. Four page PDF ready to print

2012 7/4 Salem-News.com: Len Aldis vs. Dow Chemical - Victims have suffered four generations as companies like Dow Chemical look to hide the facts and bury the truth in search of more profit...

Len Aldis 80th birthday 2010 - British Agent Orange activist

Len Aldis has collected close to 711.000 signatures online in 2004-2007 in support of Agent Orange victims and send open letters to USA presidents from Bill Clinton, Bush, Obama and Michelle Obama

2009 Statement on US Courts ruling By Mr. Len Aldis, Secretary of Britain-Vietnam Friendship Society: Outrageous US Supreme Court Ruling (PDF)

2004-2007: Online petition in support of Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange (dioxin)

2007 21/7 Len Aldis honoured by Vietnamese Association - The Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin (VAVA) held a ceremony on 12th June to admit Len Aldis, secretary of the Britain-Vietnam Friendship Society as an honorary member.

2007 1/6 VietNam News: Agent Orange online petition collects 700,000 signatures

Text of Petition
To: The U.S. President and others
AGENT ORANGE, THE CHEMICAL, has killed, is still killing, and causing great suffering to over three million people in Vietnam.
We welcome and support the Civil Action brought by the Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin, and three Vietnamese victims. The documents have been submitted to a court in New York, on behalf of all affected by the chemicals used by the American Forces in their War on Vietnam.
This will be the first ever such action by Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange in any court of law.
We call upon the U.S. President, Government and the Chemical Companies named as defendants in the documents, to accept their responsibilities for the damage caused by their actions and products, and to pay full compensation to the victims.

2005 1/5 Recieving orders in Reunification Palace in Ho Chi Minh City from Madame Thi Binh, Len Aldis and Madame Nguyen Thi My Tien fra Ho Chi Minh City Friendship Union (HUFA).

3 juni 2000: Åbent brev til Præsident Clinton, USA

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